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Bento Box

Served with White Rice, Mix Appetizer, 4Pcs California Roll, Soup & Salad

Sub for Fried Rice $2 or Soba Noodles $3


Chicken Bento                                  13.00

NY Steak Bento                               14.00

Salmon Bento                                   15.00

Shrimp Bento                                   14.00

Scallop Bento                                    14.00

Combo Bento                                    17.00


Kid's Meals


Chicken Nugget & Fries                                 6.99

Macaroni & Cheese with Fries                     6.99

Fruit Bowl                                4.99

Hibachi Kids


Served with fried rice

(sub for soba noodles $2)

Chicken                          10

NY Steak                        11

Shrimp                           11

Served with White Rice

(Sub for Fried Rice $2 or Soba $3)


 Broccoli stir-fry

(stir-fry in low sodium oyster sauce)

Chicken          11.95

Beef                 12.95

 Spicy Basil 

(Stir-fry in Spicy Basil sauce with Broccoli, Onions, Carrots &Mushroom )

Chicken    11.95

Shrimp        13.95

 Beef          13.95


(stir-fry in mango creamy buttery sauce)

Chicken        12.95

Shrimp          13.95

  • consuming raw or uncooked seafood or meat may increase risk of food-borne illness.*

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